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Water Injection Pumps (API610 BB3) for CNOOC offshore platform


We are proud to announce that we completed the tests and delivery of 3 sets of multistage pump packages in last few weeks.  These pumps are the main water injection pumps for CNOOC offshore platform in LF15-1 oil field.  The delivery includes complete pump packages, spares and VFD cabinets. 

Pumps are designed in full compliance with API610 standard and made in duplex steel (D-1). They were tested with 10KV high voltage motor/710kw through VFD control and hydro-tested at the pressure of 225bar for one hour.  

During the performance test and 4-hour mechanical run test, all parameters are found satisfactory. Especially, the vibration of the pump is observed in very low level. The end user is also happy with the NPSH test result. 


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