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Crude oil pumps for Sonatrach


Two crude oil pumps have been successfully tested in May and completed the delivery recently. Both pumps are API 610 11th edition compliant. 

The BB3 pump(7 stages) has a double suction impeller with rated flow of 400m3/h and diff pressure of 1230psi.  The pump has been tested with high efficiency of 76%,  the job motor is rated at 1400kw.  The whole skid package is 8.6meter in length and 2.3meter in wideth. Typically, the pump is designed to meet varies of operation conditions through a hydraulic coupling ( speed variator). Seal flush system plan-31+66B ensures a systamic safety of mechanical seals. 

The BB2 pump (2 stage) has the rated flow of 250 m3/h and diff pressure of 540 psi. The pump is equipped a motor of 500kw and operated to meet different operation conditions through a hydraulic coupling ( speed aviator). The skid package dimensions is 6.3 meter (L) x 1.8 meter (W). Pump is made of carbon steel per material level of S-6. After 4 hours mechanical run with witness of TPI, the pump has been verified in good performance. 


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